About SpaceAble

SpaceAble: the future of SSA

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) refers to the knowledge and observation of human and natural threats in space. Over the next five years, there will be a tenfold increase in low Earth orbit satellites, resulting in a heightened risk of collisions.

The space community is currently unprepared for this massive paradigm shift. SpaceAble is therefore offering two disruptive solutions to preserve the space environment:
ISSAN, an innovative space data processing software, and the Orbiter, an inspection satellite that provides exclusive data. 

Our ISSAN platform is a promising new technology that combines AI, Blockchain, and Cryptography. Through this subtle balance of emerging technologies, ISSAN is able to successfully address space needs related to space weather, the tracking of debris, and the management of space traffic.

The Orbiter is an autonomous and nimble inspector satellite. Using cutting-edge technology, the Orbiter services client satellites by providing reliable, secure, and certified data to prolong their lifetime. 

OUR Founder's vision


We have the ability now to ensure that reliable systems are put in place to develop the space economy with a focus on safety, efficiency and resilience.

Julien Cantegreil
Founder and CEO

Julien Cantegreil, PhD, is an entrepreneur with a passion for technology applied to solving massive challenges.

In a time of celebration of the 50th birthday of the Apollo 11 mission, he has founded SpaceAble to contribute to space exploration by improving the resiliency of LEO infrastructures.

He has accumulated a wealth of experience at a global level with projects spanning from Fintech at Strike Derivatives in NYC to Policy at the Cabinet of the Minister of Economics in France, Litigation at the Supreme Court Judges Network at Collège de France, and Corporate affairs as the Associate General Counsel of the multibillion dollar company Kering during the group’s entire successful restructuration. 

Fulbright Scholar to the US and Young Leader of the French American Foundation, Julien has dedicated time and leadership to numerous pro bono activities in the areas of ideas, youth, innovation and Europe. Currently, he is President of AsterIdea, a Paris-based not-for-profit dedicated to increase space awareness. Julien teaches Space and Entrepreneurship at Sciences Po in Paris.

An alumnus of the Yale Law School and the École normale supérieure (Paris, Economics), he is an accomplished philosopher (agrégé) with an award-winning PhD in Law from the Sorbonne.