Lead AI scientist

The advent of New Space has not only created myriad opportunities for new actors but also resulted in a drastic increase in space traffic and debris in low-Earth orbit (LEO).

SpaceAble is a French company that specializes in Space Situational Awareness (SSA). The objective of our solutions is to ensure the safety of operations and to contribute to the sustainability of satellite operations in LEO.

Our team combines profiles from the space industry and from agile tech companies to develop innovative and state-of-the-art solutions. SpaceAble is the place where you can make a difference and play an integral role in creating a new leader for the next era of the Space Situational Awareness Industry.

We grow fast and provide opportunities for your career to evolve quickly and internationally.

Contract: 218-day package, Permanent position
Location: Curemonte (Corrèze 19), Remote
Experience: 5 years+
Travel: Occasional within Europe
Starting date: September 2023


As Lead AI Scientist at SpaceAble, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and models to solve complex problems in the space domain. You will work closely with engineering, research, and development teams to develop innovative AI solutions and create value from space data. Your expertise in AI and space data analysis will be essential to drive advanced research projects and guide the company’s initiatives in the use of AI. Reporting to the Head of Data, you will have the following responsibilities:

AI Research and Development: Design and develop AI algorithms and models to solve specific problems related to predicting phenomena and processing space data. Apply machine learning techniques, computer vision, natural language processing, or other relevant AI domains to process data and improve operational processes.

Project Management: Lead AI projects, plan activities, establish timelines, assign tasks to the team, and ensure the delivery of results within the given deadlines. Coordinate the necessary resources and skills to carry out AI projects.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with engineering, research, and development teams to understand AI needs, recommend technical solutions, and ensure smooth integration of AI models into existing systems.

Data Analysis: Analyze complex space data to extract actionable information and make informed decisions. Identify patterns, trends, and relationships in space data, using appropriate statistical techniques and data analysis tools.

Technical Leadership: Coach and guide a team of AI scientists and engineers, promoting a culture of technical excellence, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Maintain constant technological monitoring to stay up-to-date on AI advancements and best practices in the space domain.

Communication and Presentation: Effectively communicate the results of AI projects, findings, and recommendations to the management team, internal and external stakeholders, and the scientific community. Present research work at conferences and in scientific publications.

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